It was born from the ashes of sorrow, defeat and regret. May 2002 marked the beginning of a new chapter. So many nights I cried myself to sleep as to not let any of my family or friends know what was going on. It was one of the most difficult challenges of my life. I am still learning to accept it. I made a vow to myself that I would forgive and forget, but we all know that forgiving and forgetting is much easier said than done.

I want to be a voice of inspiration for those who face extreme challenges on a daily basis. As a young teen I would often look in the mirror at my reflection and I would ask myself, "What is your reason for existing? What is your purpose in life?" I never wanted to be good. I wanted to be the best. I never wanted to be anybody. I wanted to be somebody, somebody who could make a difference; somebody who could make a change.

Reflecting upon our past promotes understanding, an understanding of where we have come from. That understanding gives us wisdom. My grandmother always tells me, "Don't ever forget the bridge that brought you over." Those people who have paved the way. So to honor the good days, the bad days, and those who have inspired me along the way, I present Reflections.

Stay tuned for more details on the upcoming book.


Through the Eyes of a Child


Wings of beauty
But so frail
Body so delicate
Color of Pastels
Poised on flowers
Of blooms so bright
Then into the distance
On sporadic flight


There are endless possibilities
All waiting just for you
It's all yours when you believe
Those possibilities can come true

When you believe you give life
To ordinary objects, the simple things
When you believe you can strive
And reach the highest of your dreams

Clouds above of different shapes
Within the realms of your mind
From simple forms you can create
With patience and a little time

To heaven's moons and distant stars
By super crafts that claim the sky
Believe in everything you are
And your dreams won't pass you by

Be whoever you want to be
Do whatever you want to do
Just believe and you'll see
It's all there for you to choose

When you believe the power is yours
To make things happen, to make a change
Believe and you'll unlock the doors
To a world that's all yours to claim




Shattered images
And broken dreams
Like a mirage upon the desert floor
My eyes deceive me
And so it seems
It's just an illusion and nothing more

Silent nights
And deep in thought
If ever an experience like this before
One explanation
Is all I sought
Just an illusion and nothing more

Wishful thinking
And distorted views
Assuming the future had much in store
Not one sign
No obvious clues
Only an illusion and nothing more

The Mask

From behind
Looking out
Passer by
Busy about
I conceal
Deep inside
What I feel
I try to hide
If approached?
Must you ask?
It's just a show
Behind the mask

Why should I
Spill all truth
Tired of why
And the who
Check myself
And bite my lip
I won't dare
Let it slip
Dying to know?
The gossip and trash
Playing the role
Behind the mask


In Honor of Those Who Inspire


I have heard the stories
I have seen the past
Impassioned with glory
You contested to the last
Your actions have spoken
You became the better man
To your future
A great token
A chance at life
To withstand
Freedom and Equality
Once upon did you bid
I know not the endured pain
But I will not forget that bridge
That bridge whence I came

I have seen the worn faces
All aged from distress
You have marched among the races
To nourish your soul
No time for rest
You fought your battle with great might
For you had a vision
And you had a dream
Through the long days and restless nights
Victory would be yours
Fully redeemed
In search of a better life
Once upon did you bid
I know not the endured strain
But I detest forgetting that bridge
That bridge whence I came

I have heard your uplifting songs
And your desperate cries for help
That someday we shall overcome
And a promise that was well kept
Within your hearts
The battle could be won
Within your soul there lay a need
One of those glorious days
Just one!
Freedom and Equality
So that one day I may live
Once upon did you bid
I know whence opportunity was claimed
And I am grateful for that bridge
That bridge from which I came

Self Worth

It is the joy behind my smile
It is the stride in my walk
It is going the extra mile
It is the confidence in my talk
It is the peace within my soul
It is the click of my heels
It is my stance,
Proud and bold
It is the love that I feel
It is the gift that I posses
It is the power within my hands
It is bringing others happiness
It is my willingness to understand
It is knowing the struggles of another
It is my ability to forgive
It is in my compassion for others
To cherish my life as is and live

Pedro Jermaine